Don’t take another shower until you read this …… all of it!


Rock Solid Information for your Bathrooms

By Jimmy D. Harris



What I’m about to show you is going to last for several years – you will be glad that you met me.


Now, I want you to think about what you bathroom looks like.  In fact, you know what it looks like already …. need some attention, right. Now, if you are already in the process of making enhancements, then this still is for you because I can guide you to that High-End look and feel. This is really what you want. (pictures of Hudson Reed and Joe Bell – no links)

If you could make your bathroom that ideal living space, then here is the information to do just that. In fact, you can modify all of your bathrooms. You can have one theme or multiple themes.  Now, I know you’re thinking, “It looks ok to me”. Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Your bathroom needs that fresh high-end look and feel because that’s what you deserve. You owe it to yourself to have acceptable amenities and a touch of luxury in your bathroom.


Listen, I know what an Upscale Super Wide Potty Room feels like. It is very comfortable and pleasant to use.  It’s a place where you don’t mind stepping into. It’ very comfortable for two people or more.  It has everything: Shower Panel, Shower Jets, Shower Heads, Faucets, Elegant Valves, Thermostatically Control Faucet Valves, Towel Warmers, or Radiators; very desirable Vanities; Granite/Marble Countertops; Lighting; and Flooring . You see, you need several of these items. What I’m about to show you is how you can take your bathroom to the very next level. (show pretty shower here)

Absolutely, everybody that I’ve talked to like these products. They fall in love with the shower panels and shower heads. And once you use one, it becomes a must use every time you take a shower. They are warm, refreshing, and energizing.  


Now, you can have luxury in your bathroom at a fraction of cost. That’s right; our bathroom fixtures are stunningly beautiful at a price well below our competitors. How do I know this … because our customers send emails stating it so? They know their stuff because they have search the Internet and finally they run into Hudson Reed.


You are going to Receive Huge Discounts on Exclusive Bathroom Fixtures.


Understand, I want you to be prepared to do something about your bathroom now because I going to guide you through what you’ve always been wanting.




Shower Panels

So one of the first things you need is a good Shower Panel.


You gotta have one of these Shower Panels:

(show several shower panels with links)


These Shower Panels features …….

Several shower panels feature a hand shower and multiple jets that spray every inch of your body. These shower panels are thermostatically controlled for comfort and safety. The hand shower and body sprays (jets) have easy clean nozzles for peak performance even in hard water areas. They save space but are incredibly attractive and can become the feature attraction of your dream bathroom.


Once an amenity few could afford, these shower panels are priced at steep discounts and available to you with FREE shipping so that you can have this luxurious shower experience.


The benefits of these shower panels are tremendous. Just listen to what one of our customers says:

List benefits……..


So buying a shower panel for your bathroom is one of the first things I recommend. Buy a Shower Panel now for your Bathroom and receive a huge discount to the suggested retail price.



Important Note: I also rate floors and walls at the top of my list when up scaling a bathroom. Oftentimes, this is already in place.  I like large Tiles or Stone mixed with Marble. I have a page dedicated to flooring. If you would like to engage me or have questions about bathroom walls, floors, heated floors, wood floors, tile/stone straight tlay vs 45o, (diagonal), just chime in to my FORUM or send me an email. (>>>>) I have several tips and tricks that can make your bathroom stunningly beautiful.




Faucets and Valves

Next, are Faucets and Valves:

Compliment your shower with style and charm using Hudson Reed bathroom faucets and valves. Aesthetically pleasing, they add authentic luxury to any bathroom. Transform your bathroom. Make your selection from any of these designer faucets: (show faucets)


Durable brass construction, stylish designs and bold finishes make a professional statement in any residential application. Add a wall-mounted Hudson Reed pot filler over the range, a faucet with a double-jointed spout to the kitchen sink and carry the look to the island bar sink.



Towel Warmers


A Towel Warmer is a must have in any bathroom environment. Imagine, after every smooth and refreshing shower, you step into a nice warm towel followed by a bath robe at just the right temperature waiting to fill your body with warmth. Can you ask for anything more? Perhaps, a sprinkle of Sand and Sable to make your body feel silky smooth and a glass of your favorite wine.






Towel Warmers also are ideal for your cloakroom. That’s right; you can put on not just any coat or jacket but a warm coat or warm jacket; then step into your favorite car or truck.


These Towel Warmers are a must have and you can purchase one right now. Set the stage for the bathroom that you always wanted by starting with a towel warmer. (towel warmers)




Shower Head and Body Spray


If you wish not to purchase a shower panel, then for certain you must purchase a shower head and complimenting body spays. A complete shower kit adds versatility and individuality providing you with a traditional shower head, body spray, hand wand, or cloud burst. You will be completely satisfied.


(Shower heads, wands, sprays, etc)





Is this precisely what you’ve been seeking?


Now think about it. How long have your bathroom been in the shape that it is in now. Why not begin the transformation. We will hold your hand through the entire process – from shower panels,

If you been looking for a high-performance bathroom, then without a doubt, this is it.








What is it worth to you?

A High-End Potty Room is worth its weight in gold. Every single day, multiple times a day, you go into your bathroom. Why not have it in mint condition? It is one of the most used areas of your home. It adds value and character. It’s elegant and charming. Once in place, it lasts a lifetime.




You Risk Absolutely Nothing …that’s right Nothing


Do it now. Purchase right now. You can purchase one piece at a time. We will ship shower panels and faucets directly to your front door, FREE of charge via FEDEX, US and Canadian customers only.


You have nothing to lose, 100% Money Back Guaranteed. All of our shower and faucets product carries a 1 year warranty.  It will be the best thing you’ve done in a long time. Not only will you reward yourself with a very desirable bathroom but increase the value of your home.



Now Here Are the Other Parts




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It would not be right without sitting on an elevated throne. What you need is the handicapped style commode – one that sits up high with a deep concave to the seat. (Purchase the seat separate). You see, you need to be very comfortable in every aspect of your bathroom.