Janka Scale

Janka Scale of Hardness

How hard is Oak, Maple, Hickory, Walnut, and Stranded Bamboo? See Below.


5000 Stranded Bamboo

4500 Lignum Vitae
3800 Snakewood
3680 Brazilian Walnut (Ipe)
3540 Brazilian Teak (Cumaru)
3220 Ebony
3190 Bolivian Cherry (Cerezo)
3000 Brazilian Rosewood (Tamarindo)
2820 Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba)
2473 Spotted Gum
2350 Brazilian Cherry
2345 Mesquite
2300 Caribbean Rosewood
2200 Mahogany
2200 Santos Mahogany
2170 Asian Rosewood
2135 Brushbox
2046 Australian Beech
2023 Karri
2023 Sydney Blue
1925 Merbau
1910 Jarrah
1860 Purpleheart
1820 Pecan
1820 Hickory
1820 Pecan
1725 African Pedauk
1710 Kempas
1686 Rose River Gum
1630 Wenge
1500 Brazilian Maple
1450 Hard maple
1450 North American Maple
1400 Caribbean Walnut
1375 Australian Cypress
1360 White Oak
1350 Tasmanian Oak
1320 White Ash
1300 American Beech
1290 Angelique Teak
1290 Red Oak (Northern)
1260 Yellow Birch
1260 Red Oak
1225 Heart Pine
1155 True Teak
1102 Heritage Oak
1102 Alpine Ash
1010 North American Walnut
1010 Black Walnut
1000 Teak
950 North American Cherry
950 Black Cherry
870 So. Yellow Pine (longleaf)
800 Honduran Mahogany
690 So. Yellow Pine (loblolly & short leaf)
660 Douglas Fir
420 White Pine
410 Basswood
350 Western Red Cedar
100 Balsa

The Janka rating is determined by the number of pounds of pressure required, to halfway press a steel ball, with a diameter of .444 inches, into the side of a board.

Important Information

How to Buy Hardwood Flooring for Your Home

What you must consider before purchasing hardwood floors for your home:

  • Size of space that will receive hardwood
  • Main theme of room
  • Location of focal point in room
  • How the flooring will be laid:  Diagonal or Straight
  • Size of baseboard
  • Ceiling heights
  • Color of walls

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